The Hollywood Caricaturist does what no other caricaturist does: mini-caricatures. Besides doing mini-caricatures, she will make you a STAR, by letting you choose one of the hundreds of themes including hobbies and sports. The lists are categorized for men, women, children, and couples.


  • Columbia University
  • Rutgers University
  • Baruch College
  • Adelphi University
  • Hicksville Chamber of Commerce
  • Stephanie Romm Productions, Inc.
  • The Wheatley Hills Country Club, LI, NY
  • Planet Hollywood, NYC, Las Vegas, NV
  • American Heart Association
  • Citibank
  • Sardi‚Äôs Restaurant events, NYC
  • Observer Media
  • Michael Jackson
  • Brett Ratner, Director
  • Marsha Ratner, Socialite and mother of Brett Ratner

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